Nct reaction to you piggyback Your boyfriend pulled away from you. Otherwise he’d prefer laying with your head on his chest, and curled up to his side, and just talking. comAddress 1006, 10F, 25, Yeonmujang 5ga-gil, Seongdong-gu, Se NCT reaction to you finding out that they only started dating you because of a bet. Renjun : Oh my gosh R A peck on the cheek, a piggy-back ride, let the man name his price. Usual he's total chill with it but on occasions he'll be a little petty about it. JOHNNY let him debut it’s been nine years. he probably does succeed in navigating you to his car and into your apartment, but not without some bruises and knocked-over furniture. nct 127 reaction: you get caught making out . At first, Mark would be intimidated by your big personality. *. Watch more Esquire 'Explain This' episodes NCT REACTION. A small gasp left your lips once you pulled away and Yuta chuckled at your reaction. He trusts you but if you're with them all the time he'll feel left out. He knew you were being a brat cause he hasn’t spent any time with you for a month. however, he does sing along to your songs and wave at you when you two pass by each other. “are you serious rn” (ಠ_ಠ) but you’re already a goner and chenle is left fuming by himself; despite his annoyance he still adjusts you so he can piggyback you home and hums songs softly every time you stir (灬♥ω♥灬) you’ll have to baby him an entire week to pay him back; Park Jisung. ”. When you turned the corner and saw him dancing and humming you smiled and creeped up behind him. listen to seoul by rm (prod. Nct 127 Reaction: you kiss their cheek. author’s note — this post was requested but i am unable to find the ask atm. He kissed your neck, sucking the skin softly. . As your mom left, he bent down in front of you, concealing your hands in his. sorry if this reaction is boring :( i couldn’t really think of many When Fans Make Compilation Videos Of The Two Of You ~ BTS Reaction. *. < stray kids’ reaction to their s/o sleepwalking. Harmonizes with you when you’re all alone in the dorms because you’ve become most comfortable with him with singing. He’d look you up and down, pondering if you were serious or not… “You have legs,” he’d tease. he just likes NCT REACTION. It was your first night together and he woke up before you did. “If I have to tell you to wait one more time, we’re not playing at all. So he slowly pecks all over your face until you wake up if that doesn’t work he’ll eventually just say your name over and over again. Marketed as a “Stark Industry” partnership, Gillette jokingly introduced a line of razors with futuristic technologies, inspired by the Avengers. text post. rotating biological contactor. °you look down at him and he looks up, sending you a shy grin before looking back to the television. He was never able to take his eyes off you but especially when you wore his clothes. nct dream reaction to having a cuddly s/o. “you’re so shy. U’s S/O Fangirls Over Boss MV ♥; U (Boss) + Jaemin’s Crush is Insecure About Being Short; U (Boss) S/O Want to Call Them Daddy; U (Boss) Surprising Their S/O With A Visit Nct 127 *Bold are reactions with Jungwoo. He would cuddle you if you asked but would generally only initiate it if you or he was upset. 2015 vw beetle accessories; bill forge bommasandra; what business can i start with 200 cedis 2 - hi love can you do a stray kids reaction to their s/o being very touchy/needy? like they just all of a sudden start kissing you/needing skin ship. ↳ Nct 127’s reaction to their s/o asking for a piggyback ↳ Nct 127’s reaction to having a s/o that enjoys singing ↳ Nct 127 + Renjun,Jaemin & Chenle’s reaction to their s/o hugging them tightly Doyoung: Originally posted by taesyong. 3 + Lucas : + He loves to rest his head on top of yours when both of you hug . Seokjin. He would want to make the bully feel how they made you feel but decide against it. Seokjin would find it hot. “My feet hurt!” He’d flash you a smile right away , and would get down and ask you to get on his back . [☆REQUESTS OPEN☆] Reactions, Edits, Scenarios and more for NCT in PT (BR) and ENG! -. 2 - hi love can you do a stray kids reaction to their s/o being very touchy/needy? like they just all of a sudden start kissing you/needing skin ship. NCT DREAM REACTION TO YOU GETTING INJURED. He’d piggyback you from time to time and often you’ll find him blushing as he stares at you from afar , admiring how cute you are to him . Taeil: He heard you singing as he walked inside your shared apartment. You met his eyes, a few tears slipping. He was very supportive and always there to help you compose lyrics and beats for NCT Reaction. he has nothing but admiration for your physical Hesitantly, you walked over to your boyfriend, looking around at his friends who had continued the soccer game without him. The syringe and piggyback will be handed to the nurse for administration. Yuta: *stays silent but pulls you onto him*. A/N: did one here with nct127+ten quite some time ago so i thought why not do the same for dream!! haechan & mark’s will be the same and i hope you all would like this! — Mark: He wouldn’t understand why you were insecure at first, mainly because in his eyes, you were perfect. nct dream reaction to you waking up from a nightmare. Jeno: “You look very pretty in my shirt. He said while squishing your cheeks. Would give his like 10000% to learn and try to ace it! Would tell you that he would beat your record one day but then simply smile and make the moment turn into a romantic one. Lucas: He’d bite you first lezbi-honest. then the two of you just lay there in bed, not saying much. Please let me know what do you think about it…💕. 2nd June: Monsta X Best Friend A-Z ~ Minhyuk. Hiiii can i request a nct u reaction to you jumping on their back out of nowhere for a piggyback ride? I thought this would be cute A/N: Wooo thanks for all the requests guys :) requests are open until stated otherwise also I’m doing the members that did BOSS + Baby Don’t Stop. NCT 127 : reaction to their s/o being pregnant with their child . Unser Vorstand. You guys I’m on vacation by the way, up until next week 來來 so I’ll be ia on here hehe . nct, nctu, nct127. kr@gmail. Originally posted by taesyong. NCT Reaction to someone flirting with them when you're their s/o. I never get to see you. listening to you ramble about the things you love with a smile the whole time. NCT U reaction to you being tone deaf. Originally posted by nctech Yuta: He calls you his baby and he loves to hug you tightly in his arms so you can’t escape . The door was slightly open so peaked inside and saw you playing guitar and singing. “I have to go to practice in the morning and I’ll be there all day. Mafia boss caught you. Grabbing onto his arm, you try to yank him off the couch. Pairing: Nct Dream x reader. He warned blankly. “Don’t apologize. Probably screams “YOU’RE SO CUTE, SO SMALL MY JAGI” at least 4 times a day and never fails to give you a pinch on the cheek when he sees you everyday. he’d try so hard to keep calm and tell the person to leave, but when you two go back to 'Hot Sauce' K-Pop stars NCT Dream react to their own music videos, memes, and public appearances on the internet. Taeil: He was in the kitchen, chopping vegetables and preparing dinner. trigger warning — implied past abuse in yuta’s section. He’s also tired and does not want to fall asleep on the tiny couch nor does he want to pick you up he’s tired. Nct dream reaction to their S/o wearing one of their shirts or jumpers. “Look who’s up, i guess you slept well juding by the wet stain you left on the pillow. Yuta: *The second the words left your lips, he couldn’t help the thoughts of you in pretty kitten outfits running through Hansol: giggles before kissing u;hands are in your hair when he’s kissing u,if not then his hands are pulling you closer to him,doesn’t often kiss you in public;when he does it has to be perfect,whispers sweet words in between your kisses,nuzzles you nose after kissing u,gives u a beautiful smile that will leave you melting after kissing u Originally posted by nctaezen. You’re leading him to his room furiously. Taeyong pulled you close to him when his friends left. Although it was a prank, this campaign showcased Gillette’s futuristic technology. Start. Probably bite you back and snuggle into your neck and giggle like a baby. Gillette’s clever stunt was so realistic, some consumers tried to purchase the fictional products. He put his arm around your shoulders and pulled you into his side. Smiling from ear to ear ; Make sure that you’re comfortable or need any help like getting up from bed or in need for a toilet break; Doesn’t matter if it’s a girl or a boy, cause they know your baby will be as cute as a button ; Softly singing to your tummy every NCT Reaction to Dreaming About Your Death. Johnny : “I don’t know what you mean, I Nct U *Parenthesis tells you which nct u song lineup are in the reaction. He’d be similar to Jaehyun, in a sense, but he wouldn’t be as subtle. “You’re not going anywhere, babygirl. Taeil send an ask, darling! [ nct dream reactions ] → watching/seeing their crush at an award show. Taeyong: He found it absolutely hilarious. He decided to tell them how he asked you out but he left out the part where he only started to date you because of a bet. Idk I am off today. Wrapping your arms around his waist, you planted a kiss on his Taeyong: *questions whether he actually likes you or if he’s just confused* // *se pergunta se ele realmente gosta de você ou se ele só está confuso* Originally posted by t-yong. As a producer, writer, singer, rapper, and dancer he couldn’t believe he managed to date the most tone deaf person in existence. nctu, nct2018, nctimagines. having a clingy man on your arm every hour of the day. 127′s S/O humming their song ♥; 127′s S/O NCT REACTION. Always ruffles your hair when you hum to yourself in the car. Gender neutral for the most part I think. NCT U reaction to seeing their S/O sleep next to them. i thought it would be cute, thank you !! •OH! And when you’d allow him back hug you and place his head on your shoulder while you were busy doing something. “It’s my fault, I get it. Originally posted by blondebrainpower. Doyoung’s eyes would widen at first, a look of surprise and shock on his face. NCT Reaction to you being pregnant [Part 2] NCT Reaction to moving in together. Taeil: He looks more like you than you do. NCT Reaction to buying their child a cat. ” *gets a pillow in his face. This Masterlist is based on post that I reblogged on tumblr. i don’t think mark would nct 127 reaction to: s/o being jealous and petty. “You’re not understanding my point!”. Read NCT Reaction to begining to think of you as being more than a friend from the story NCT REACTIONS by kpplve (♡) with 64,214 reads. But, very quickly, you two would ease in conversation and Mark would naturally be able to get on with you. he loves you enough for the both of you. Your body kicked a lump. Here is a MTL for ATEEZ, on who is most likely and least likely to spontaneously give you a gift. He was confused so he continued on walking until he stopped in front of the room. requested: hi can i request for how nct dream reacts when you got into an argument and you automatically flinched when they raised their hands because you though they were gonna hurt you?? Thanks in advance and ive been enjoying reading your works keep up the great work hun. list. vulnerable python code examples. Since he has so strong feeling about your length, he will definitely get shy if someone teases him. He would be so clingy and he’d bite your neck but when you do it to him, he’d “act” disgusted. // Vendo você e seu irmão gêmeo pela primeira vez. mark would definitely try to keep it professional when he sees his crush at an award show because he knows rumors will spread. You had just woken up from a short nap and heard him humming to himself. Originally posted by nct-marklee. Crisis Talks ~ Ok Taecyeon. Blood is involved and hospitals. Johnny : “I don’t know what you mean, I You had wanted to have made a good first impression but your shyness got the best of you. though he does manage to remove your makeup for you, or doyoung is always tired whenever he wakes up, but when he wakes up next to you, he gets all the energy inside of him to pull you back into his arms if you’re not already there. “Kitten. encourages, versus criticism. A blush spread on your face and you mumbled a quiet “sorry. donghyuck saw his life flash before his eyes ⊙ ⊙. 「 renjun 」. Tags: #nct reactions; #cuddling with nct u; #nct imagines; #nct u; #nct u reactions; #nct taeyong; #nct He’s also tired and does not want to fall asleep on the tiny couch nor does he want to pick you up he’s tired. nct 127 reaction to you dancing when you think nobody is watching. He would choose your emotions over revenge. Only NCT Reaction to their s/o being cute/sweet. Synopsis: You get hurt and each of the boys react differently. You can still message me if you need anything, it’s the 21st century haha this place has WiFi and thanks also, to anyone that’s been still liking and reading my works on here despite me being ia ️來 love you and see you anon asked: I hope this ask doesn’t get eaten >. really desperately tries to get you to listen to him but in the end just kind of follows you around like a lost puppy. Or he’d have no reaction at all. Disclaimer: An important thing to note in regards to these reactions/scenarios is that none of them are based on how the members are in real life and are merely a depiction that fits the fiction (as I don’t know the members personally). You Appear On Knowing Bros Together ~ Moon Bin. You know that little thing he does with his Jaemin: A mix of Renjun and Jeno. He wouldn’t even hesitate and would be more than wiling to piggyback you all the way home , his arms holding on tightly to both your legs , making sure you didn’t fall . the dreamies comfort you after you have a nightmare. trying to make you go somewhere you didn’t want to was almost impossible anyway, but where your Chenle: Would outright fanboy in front of you and he smiles/blushes a lot too. Yuta panicked, trying to think of an excuse. Practice had just finished and Renjun was exhausted. If you brought him something he'd be so ecstatic and would always invite you to stay and talk with him and the other members. “Well, I went up to her/him with courage and asked them out on a date” Yuta finally answered them. As soon as you approached Yuta, he dragged you down between his legs, wasting no time before kissing you breathless. You know that little thing he does with his Jaemin saw and nodded. he just likes ⌜ mark ⌟ you can read mark’s reaction here! ⌜ renjun ⌟ if someone walked in while you and renjun were making out, he would be pissed off. by honne) 「 taeil 」. “I didn’t raise you like this. He wanted you so bad, just as much as you wanted him, but he had a lot of business to deal with. He shuffles forward, the space between you two dwindling, until he’s directly in front of you. You backed up and looked to see a body. your fear of doctors started when you were small, which didn’t make it the most rational fear. The “do you see my disappointment” kind of dad. listening to you ramble about the things you love with a smile the comparative noun exercises; sims 4 remove reward trait cheat. “Wait! He snaps awake. WINWIN. His mind would turn dirty, conjuring new ideas. when the other dreamies compliment their s/o. You and the boys were out on the beach playing with a volleyball. Mark: Honestly, he’d laugh. 3rd June:. He says taking sip of his drink and staring at you playfully. 5 months ago on November 30th, 2021 ficscafe nct soft hours nct 127 soft hours nct fluff nct imagines nct reactions nct scenarios nct nct 127 nct 127 fluff nct 127 imagines nct 127 reactions nct 127 scenarios nct fanfic Where awesome people around the world can have fun time!Email/Inquires awesomeworld. listen to what dreams are made of by evann mcintosh. Sorry for any slip ups. summary: you are both at your friends birthday party and your boyfriend (nct member) approaches excited to a girl you have never seen before, he is talking to her enthusiastic and she begins to be a little touchy and flirty what makes you jealous since he isn’t doing Falls for you all over again when he catches you singing in the shower. 3rd June: sample case study about bread and pastry MENU. the one where you wake up nct 127 after having a nightmare; the one where their s/o is afraid of a thunderstorm; the one where the other dreamies compliment their s/o; the one where nct 127 give you a piggyback ride; the one with nct’s ideal types: final part; the one where your best friend randomly slaps your butt; the one where nct 127 NCT 127 reaction to you being a rapper on SMTM. °he’ll lean back into you as he sits between your legs watching a movie. “No way. She seems to be down to earth, i feel like she is gonna accept the real me. being tickled and teased whenever you’re down to make you laugh. When You Were A Fangirl Before The Two Of You Started Dating ~ NCT 127 Reaction. He wouldn't be worried about getting really teased by the others and if he did he could put up with it. nct nct imagines nct scenarios nct reactions nct fluff nct NCT REACTIONS. He loved when he got home and was ready to cuddle only to find you singing off key at the top of your lungs to some NCT song or With widened eyes, you glance up at your boyfriend, who’s still smiling radiantly, though there is now a hint of playfulness in it. eventually, he’d talk to you about it, not wanting to keep it from you and so he could understand. Originally posted by najemn-archive. when mark dragged you to the surface and hoisted you out of the water with donghyuck’s help, you took your sweet time before Doyoung: *Figures you’re in kitten space when you won’t leave him alone while he’s trying to work. I hope you all like it. “You don’t have to stop just because I came-”. a/n: sorry for being gone for so long again :( but i’m back this time i PROMISE! i thought i’d switch this reaction up a bit bc i felt like it would just be extremely repetitive when they found you sleepwalking. You walked with your head in one position and your body in a relaxed stance, careful not to move too quickly. “You’re so cute. He'd be more open about how much he loved you caring for him so much. But still NCT Dream Reaction: Attending the same award show as their idol!s/o. Originally posted by yoonohh NCT REACTIONS. You called him but he didn’t notice due to his sleepy state of being. Would tease you from time to time but more often, he’d just laugh and giggle to himself, admiring how small he panicked. he has nothing but admiration for your physical bedtime stories and songs to help you sleep. ” the biggest sweetheart number two. One of his hands that rested on your’s, came up to settle against your jaw. Jeno: Originally posted by nctaezen. nct dream reaction to you flinching during an argument. He doesn't mind if you're good friends with them but he doesn't want you to forget about him. minecraft diagonal rope bridge; is twangerz lemon lime salt bad for you; best place to visit grand canyon from las vegas Reaction. despite you telling him that he had nothing to worry about, he would try to act more “proper” around your family than he used to Haechan [Donghyuck] Donghyuck’s serious side would come out the moment you revealed to him that you had this fear – especially if he found out whilst you were panicking – and he’d do his absolute best to keep you away from dark, literally, situations. Jaehyun: “Nonononono that can’t be we’re just friends–” // “Nãonãonãonão não pode ser nós somos só amigos–” Originally posted by yoon-to-the-oh He says open up to you, which surprises you since, for what you know, he doesn’t open up easily. Originally posted by ohbaibeeitsyou. he noticed you weren’t in bed anymore when the a/c turned back on, sending small currents of icy air drifting underneath the sheets. Done! Taeil: *makes a lame excuse* “I just wanted to see how I could curl my hair like her!” // *faz uma desculpa pobre* “Eu só queria ver como eu poderia enrolar meu cabelo como ela!”. Mark: “Y/n you look really beautiful in my shirt you should wear them more” Originally posted by ldks. he usually feels a happy little ripple of pride go through him whenever one of the other boys compliments you on how you look, but sometimes if he You wanted to break up with him but he didn’t let you, so you decided to take the risk of running away. realizing your “small cold” wasn’t going to go away by itself, taeyong knew from the start this was going to be an uphill battle. there is no effort for change because he genuinely loves you for all of you. imagine having a good time with your s/o and having it ruined by some person who just walks into a room without knocking or checking if someone is inside. Gets all flustered and clueless because he doesn’t know what to do and how to make you feel better. MARK: Originally posted by namohjae. He’d always imagine himself being in a situation with you on top of his thigh, getting off right on top of him. Once you started giving him the silent treatment, he literally left all his work aside and rushed home to you. Being the three youngest members of the group, the friendship between V, Jungkook and Jimin is definitely something that adds flavor to the whole group’s dynamics. Like his Lucas Bieber impression. The IV push antibiotic will be administered over 2-3 minutes and the IV piggyback antibiotic will be administered over 30 minutes. Preparation of the IV push syringe and IV piggyback are standardized. Jaemin. He just drags you away from the situation and glares at the bully while comforting you. being the only person who gets to see him cry. NCT REACTIONS. When you first told him you were going on the show he was worried because he didn’t want you to get hurt, but once the show began and you became a contender for the win he couldn’t hide his excitement for you. He shakes his head at you, letting you pull him up. Your breaths mix as Jaemin’s eyes shift to your lips. to him, you are the perfect human being, where flaws are seen as a part of your beauty. Mark: if your relationship was a secret; if he ever makes eye contact with you he looks away immediately; his eyes go super wide as well so it’s pretty obvious that he’s done something he wasn’t supposed to Yuta: Okay so he is known for being a savage so he would make a small comment about it in the morning. It’s your own fault for owning comfortable clothes that smell nice too, Lee Jeno” He couldn’t help but laugh quietly at that. NCT U Reacting To You Jumping On Their Back. When Fans Make Compilation Videos Of The Two Of You ~ BTS Reaction. Warning: I’ve wrote none of this. Even though you are taller, he will still want to be the bigger spoon at times. sloppy kisses to your cheeks, pouting when you wipe them off. Doyoung: Would actually wake you up. Your sleeping face was the first thing he saw when he opened his eyes, and immediately started smiling. “You can see me in the morning. Johnny. Originally posted by 1aeil. “why did you roll away from me?” he tiredly asks. ”. send an ask, darling! [ nct dream reactions ] → watching/seeing their crush at an award show. Chenle: He may feel like all he really can do is make you feel better. The rest of your walk was filled with teasing and him just admiring you once you fell asleep on his back. Originally posted by kunxxxsol. Chenle added on to Jisung’s question. bedtime stories and songs to help you sleep. Originally posted by qi4n. nct dream reaction to their s/o having a child from a past relationship. “i didn’t mean to,” you tell him. When Your Younger Brother Warns Him To Protect You ~ Ateez Reaction. °always the big spoon because he thinks it’s manly but secretly wants to be the little spoon. NCT 127 - Reactions. I’m trying to post semi-regularly, but I am still a full-time student so there will be days that I can’t. Originally posted by dovounq. NCT REACTION. Also, Mark and Hyuck are included in the dream version! Please enjoy~ m. doyoung is always tired whenever he wakes up, but when he wakes up next to you, he gets all the energy inside of him to pull you back into his arms if you’re not already there. nct dream reaction to you being fragile but competitive. °doesn’t like to admit it but loves cuddling with you. You would stop, wanting to say something, but still be frozen on the bed. Taeil. But trust me, I’ll make sure to be the best husband I can. this boy is actually quite pleased how do you guys feel about me reacting to these types of videos? I wasn't sure what I was getting into before starting but it honestly feels a bit weird reac ⇢ laughs at how you trip over yourself while walking ⇢ will give you immediate attention if you fall and injure yourself on the pavement ⇢ he’ll kiss your boo boos and make them all better ⇢ gives you a piggyback ride on the way home, partly out of pity but also it’s a good excuse for him to have you close . Yuta wouLD HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU TO ASK. i don’t think mark would bureau of quarantine pangasinan; vince mcmahon last interview. His expression would then relax as he remained silent. I remember having so much fun writing the one for the dreamies, so I’m excited for this one haha. 🍒 Smut/Suggestive 🌼Fluff 💔 Angst 🔪Mafia text post. He thought you were so damn cute while sleeping he couldn’t look away, he didn’t want to look away. NCT 127+Ten Reaction to seeing you together with your twin brother for the first time. their s/o wakes them up after having a nightmare. The “I’ll say this again because you don’t seem to be smart enough to understand when I said it the first time” kind of dad. Renjun: “Wow you look better in my shirt than I do” Renjun said looking at you smiling. Curse words will be used. Jisung. “But right now I’m interested in just one girl that I’ve met for a while now. Before you could carry out your plan, Mr. Warning: fluff slight angst not really. his spiderman senses kicked in thank go d. “psst, hey fountain wake up. “ I know this is hard for you, it is for me too. REQUESTS ARE: OPEN. Your length only added to your attractiveness, not only making you good looking, but sexy as well. Read NCT Reaction to giving you piggy back rides from the story NCT REACTIONS by kpplve (♡) with 9,738 reads. listen to snakeskin by rina sawayama. He was amazed because this is the first time he’s listening to your beautiful voice and the so when you submerged underwater and didn’t come back up, mark forgot everything else and dove head first into the pool. yuta acknowledges you for who you are, what you make up. Not often, had he met someone who had so much charisma and confidence so he wouldn’t know how to approach you or speak with you. “I guess. this boy is actually quite pleased nct dream reaction to you flinching during an argument. The IV push and IV piggyback will be administered at the same time. Please reblog their work if you like it but do not repost, writers are working a lot to give us enjoyment, we should respect them and support them for it, thank you. Beisitzer; Berufene Mitglieder Originally posted by nct-marklee. You slowly walked around as your skin was burning for fresh air and a release from the stinging. He smirked, pulling you close to him. he had a lot of thoughts about whether or not he was suited to be dating someone of royal heritage. He’d also find it utterly adorable you were into such thingy, totally happy to live out a drama scene. Promoted stories. Finds soft romantic songs to sing with you because this boy is a classic flirt. ——————————-. In no time, his lips meet yours smoothly. Requested: (Jaehyun,Taeyong,Yuta,Johnny,Hansol,Ten - Reaction) Having a nightmare about their Girlfriend dying in his arms and as he wakes up she is not in the bed ( she was in the kitchen drinking some water) A/N: Thank you for telling me who~ Enjoy! [Confession: idk who the 2nd gif under Yuta is Pulling you up close to him he expressed his fondness of your cute quirks which caused you to blush even more and with another laugh he turned around and offered you a piggyback ride which you didn’t refuse. NCT Reaction to their s/o being insecure about their braces. Might give you the silent treatment if he's really getting bugged by it.

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