Lmm duramax turbo whine, This noise is best heard when at operating temp for trans and engine in park idling. Pulled the belt and no more whining noise, so went after the tensioner and idler pulleys. Discussion Starter · #1 · Feb 19, 2010. This small truck offers a few note worthy features in the diesel powered configuration. As low as $1,060. Free Shipping. Details. This direct drop-in stage 1 upgrade provides 19% more flow than OEM and will support up to 6. This turbo inlet manifold allows for better throttle response, increased horsepower and increased torque. GM was no exception. It's rated for 700hp+. You will enjoy it's fast spool up and improved torque at low rpm while gaining horsepower throughout the entire rpm range. 6L Engine (VIN 7 – RPO LY7); and without Heavy Duty Cooling (RPO V03tV92). With the turbo being such a high frequency, I don't think there is anything that is going to reduce the whine inside the truck short of adding more insulation in the firewall. Built for the 2007. 2012 Chevrolet 3500 with 6. Any Ideas or info would be help full. 5-10 GM 6. Boost pressure can be increased to improve horsepower potential. P0039 Turbo/ Super Charger Bypass Valve Control Circuit Range/Performance 200 Bangor Street Lindenhurst, NY 11757 Tel: 631-991-7700 Fax: 631-991-7701 Sales/Support Hours 8am - 5pm ET Mon-Fri Description. Stealth 64 VVT - LBZ/LLY/LMM 650rwhp Easy Install, Snappy Response, EGT control, and Turbine braking The VVT Stealth 64 Turbo takes a stock appearing LBZ/LLY/LMM turbocharger and overhauls it to meet the demands of the Duramaxtuner team. Turbocharger Failure. my turbo does the same thing, sounds like a new ford when its cold and not a sign of a whine when it warms up a bit. 00. 6L LB7/LLY/LBZ/LMM Duramax $ 359. A few weeks ago, 2007 stock LMM started to give a high pitched whine noise. Allison 1000 Rear Output Shaft Nut, LB7 LLY LBZ LMM, 2001-2010 Duramax. I also freed up the shroud with those 3 bolts. It's rated for 650hp+. 0 Duramax: Long Crank Start-up Time. Any tricks or ideas to pin point the issue and assess it ? GMC and Chevy Duramax LB7 6. Replace the factory hot side intercooler pipe with a high flow 3" unit and high quality boots. Duramaxdiesels. Duramax Diesel Tech Articles . Following the same 6. 81 USD SAVE $16. Checked oil supply to turbo and exaust gaskets. 6 Duramax Tech Articles; LLY 6. Duramax. 6. To actually remove the turbo, remove the ccv tube and jack the rear of the motor up, rotate the turbo ccw as it comes up. Jan 5, 2018. Then only thing that responds when you mash the pedal is something that has a cable on it like a DB2 or throttle body. 6L -EGR Delete Kit & High Flow Intake Pipe Elbow Tube for Sierra & Silverado 2500 3500 HD 2004-2005 Duramax 6. It's rated for 750hp+. 6L Duramax Diesel. 85 61. You can tell a lot from exhaust smoke and a faulty turbo will cause excessive exhaust smoke of a range of colors. Greatly Lowers EGT’s by 250-400 degrees, over a single turbocharger. SALE. 6 LB7 diesel pickup or are looking to buy one, here are some common issues and problems we have run into in our shop. It does it warm and cold. Fitted to the 6. An accident forced me to slow down a little, and I decided to get more into the manufacturing side of the field. Replaced the tensioner, 2x idler pulleys, and also the belt. FILTER,OIL 2001-18 Chevy 6. Duramax Engine LLY 2004. Chances are, if you’re looking at this page, you’re well aware of the problem. * Select 3" Driver Side Intercooler Pipe Reset. ·. brutodd said: Good afternoon! Newish owner of a 2018 2500HD Duramax Denali. The team at Hausmann’s Diesel Performance LMM with 5 inch straight pipe, 3 inch down pipe, Dan's Diesel Performance EFILive, Dan's Diesel Performance 63. (0) Reviews: Write first review. in 2001 to 445hp and 910ft-lb. Like each generation of the Duramax that came before it, 500rwhp can be had with nothing more than a hot calibration uploaded to the ECM. The LMM Duramax Engines were replacing the old 6 Fuel Injector Failure (#4 Injector) Finding 3 problems with the L5P was difficult. It's normally set by aftermarket air filter/boxes, air leaks in the intake tract, maf installed backwards, or something that has altered the amount of air going into the engine like an intake leak Joined Jan 27, 2007. 6L Duramax LMM LLY LBZ. 2014 Chevrolet 2500HD with 6. no smoke. 5-2010 GM 2500HD/3500HD. Turbo works and makes 20 plus pounds, just changed the turbo for a used one still does it. I have a 2010 duramax bone stock with 305000 km (190000 miles) and there is a low pitch whine at low RPMs. 6L turbo LMM Duramax diesel engine into the old car. I ruled out the trans because it does it when parked if you rev up the engine. Increases Horsepower by appx. 2007 Chevrolet 2500HD with 6. Switch on the Fly Tune incl EFI Live Spade - Cummins 6. BUNDLE. You will enjoy it's fast spool up and improved torque at low rpm while Quick view. 46 USD. SKU: 12643471 - Z. 6L GM Duramax LMM. 99. This turbocharger fits 2005-2010 Duramax Diesel light duty trucks. it's not like a turbo/BOV whine that is swooshing, it's quite noticeable and almost as loud as the exhaust at idle. Add to Wish List. The DDP 68mm is built from a brand new turbo. 3rd Gen Stealth 64 (351cw 2004. Worn Out Oil Pump Belt. 6l LB7 LLY LBZ LMM. While these engines are still relatively new, they seem to be extremely reliable so far with very few “common” problems that haven’t been solved or addressed. It was RPM related, regardless if engine was warm or cold. 6 and there is a whine during acceleration that I can’t figure out. Perhaps the most devastating of all Duramax failures is a broken factory crankshaft. Injector Failure. It's noticeably louder when my foot is on the pedal to accelerate (likely some turbo Following the LBZ being phased out in mid-2007, the LMM Duramax took its place as Chevy & GMC’s diesel truck engine. DDP LLY Stage 3 64mm Turbocharger. 2012 Chevrolet 2500HD with 6. 2011 Chevrolet 3500 with 6. Quick view. The down pipe is a relatively easy install due to the precision bends that you’ve come to expect from MBRP Additional Images. Potential causes of turbo noise include: • Boost/air/vacuum leak – either on your engine intake, or your intercooler. Choose Options Compare. 6 LB7 Tech Articles; LBZ 6. The dealer went through and replaced the down pipe and the egr valve trying to solve the problem but this weekend when I towed my trailer the noise The forward bolt on the driver side, remove the upper coolant tube and you can get it. 6L diesel V8 GM produced for its new body style (GMT900) ’07. Drivers door area is where it can be heard. • Over boosting (potentially caused by a wastegate fault) or poor remap. It's a great turbo for sport driving and competition. 2004. 8L) Note to 2004 owners only: This Duramax VGT solenoid actuator will only fit late 2004 models equipped with the LLY engine. 1,570 Posts. New. #8. Learn more. The stock LBZ/LLY/LMM turbocharger runs out of air at about 530rwhp. The center housing has been enhanced, with the addition of 3 cobalt pins, in order to reduce distortion and improve vane Models affected: 2004-2005 Cadillac CTS, SRX; 2005 Cadillac STS with 3. This turbo inlet manifold for your 2006-2010 GM 6. ”. It's a great turbo for daily driving and towing. View Product. 5 - 2016. Garrett Duramax Turbo Brand New (No Core Charge) Fits 2004. The DDP 64mm is built from a brand new turbo. Uses Stock VGT Turbo and the BorgWarner S475. $149. 2013 Chevrolet 3500 with 6. 6L control LBZ LLY LMM low MIL position power reduced SES SCV sensor solenoid turbocharger valve vane VPS - (Aug 7, 2009) Subject: Diesel Engine Turbo DTC P2563 or P003A Models: 2004-2009 Chevrolet Express, Kodiak, Silverado, Silverado Classic 2004-2009 GMC Savana, Sierra, Sierra 2007-2010 Duramax LMM 6. Add to Compare. A bad ground can sound just like a turbo whine! Jake: Black crew cab 07 LBZ LTZ classic, MPI twin over stock, 40 over injectors, big dipper trans, and all the goodies to support the power! 20 inch BMF novocains and toyo MT, HID heads and fogs, two 12 kickers powered by a 1000 watt Rockford amp amd Cute girl from time to time. 03 2500HD Duramax CrewCab Shortbed, WVRigrat05 Wound for sound Jan 1, 2011 3,081 2 38 34 French Creek, West Virginia Mar 20, 2017 #7 Stand on the brake and rip on the wheel, it'll start grinding or howling like a banshee. The variable vane turbocharger appeared in 2004. All videos I saw on the web listed several possibilities. USD 732. Duramax L5P MAP Sensor Failure. This is a Brand New Garrett Turbocharger, no core charge needed! This is a true Garrett manufactured drop in replacement. Question: There's a buzzing sound coming from under the hood after turning the engine off. com?streamerId=1434857466635915267&channel= We caught a glimpse of this super turbocharged Duramax at the TS Performance event in Bowling Green, Kentucky. 6L LMM Duramax Parts. Hello, There is a bulletin for this concern. 5 the Duramax LMM was rated at 365 hp and 660 lb-ft of torque. 8L Duramax. 23% to 30%. It is constructed out of cast aluminum and the inlet/outlet are machined. That admittedly brings to mind a Hellcat swap, but the team opted to drop a beefy 6. 6 6. This is a complete 4" intake kit for an LMM Duramax that will work on a stock truck or with any drop in replacement turbos and/or intercooler plumbing. You need to look into this before you spend the money on a turbo. The Duramax Engine was released in late 2001 into the Chevrolet and GMC chassis vehicles. 6L Duramax has nearly double its horsepower and torque, from 235hp and 500lb-ft. 2007 Chevrolet 3500 with 6. GM 12643471 LBZ LMM LML Duramax Turbo Vane Position Sensor. It has trouble controlling EGTs on extended pulls past 400HP. 5-10 6. 2008 Chevrolet 2500HD with 6. I was praying not Turbo or boost, or EGR related. Pulled the air box, lower plate and bracket next to it. #PIP4629A: Diesel Engine Turbo DTC P2563 Or P003A - keywords 6. This hose fits 2006-2010 6. If you have a 2001-2004 Duramax 6. Turbo maybe? It doesn't leak past the seals and spools up great. Free Our Chevrolet GMC 6. This Product Fits These Vehicles: 2011 Chevrolet 2500HD with 6. Tuning for the 2. Not trying to be a smarta$$, but my wife complains about it now that I got an AFE intake and 2015 Duramax “whine” Just crossed 120k miles in our 2015 2500 6. Turbo Vane Position Sensorfits 2004. SKU: 97383472 - Z. This 90-degree turbodiesel V-8 combines the best design and manufacturing elements of General Motors Powertrain worldwide. It squeals very loud at 15 pounds of boost and above. The truck has 170000 miles on it, power doesn't seem to be affected still gets down like a duramax. It's loud enough to hear from inside the truck. Garrett by Honeywell turbochargers incorporate the latest engineering updates for all Duramax engine model years providing a more robust unit. 2 and 6. It's a great turbo for competition and moderate daily driving. Occasionally we will find one of these ruptured and save our customer the expense of a head gasket job. Plan to do filter tonight. If it takes longer than before to make power or produce the audible whine you're used to hearing, then it may be going bad. #2 · May 8, 2005. The vanes control drive pressure and respo Have an 02 lb7 duramax. Depending on which position the turbo vanes are stuck in, you may experience low power either at the low or high end of the RPM The LMM Duramax Engines is a General Motors diesel engine family for light to medium duty trucks. Stock #: 97383472. Shipping. 5-’10 HD trucks. The 2. SKU: 848212-5001S. 6L Duramax trucks. Description. Compared to the LBZ, the LMM […] Joined Sep 4, 2004. For the Consumer or Mechanic we at Diesel Redemption pride ourselves on our expertly tested and low mileage 6. 7L (2019-2021) Rating: 0%. In 2007, all the major players introduced engine changes to meet those new regulations making it the most significant year for emissions compliance updates to date. 5-2016 Duramax utilizes modern turbo technology that delivers increased airflow without compromising on low end response. Also pressure tested intercooler and hoses. 6 Duramax Tech Articles; LMM 6. 77 2 630. Aug 30, 2011. 6L GM Duramax LMM $599. 8L, 4 cylinder Duramax was released to the North American market in the 2016 Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon. 5 with the Duramax LLY and in subsequent years in the LBZ and LMM. Engine Components; Fuel Pumps; Injectors; Modules; Turbochargers That was assumedly the mantra when Hausmann agreed to build Chris Karges a powerful engine for his prized ride, aptly named the “ HellAir . rigo3124 said: The sound was caused by the plastic fan flexing and hitting the housing right behind it, only when the temp gets high enough to engage the fan clutch. 99 2007. 40 2007. #1 Hey guys, New to the forum and duramax's. This blanket is a high quality multi layered fiberglass material made to wrap around a T6 S400 exhaust housing to keep the heat out of the engine bay. Pressure up the coolant passages and see if it leaks. 6L LMM Duramax. $134. Thankfully, these problems are rarely terminal, and can be repaired/resolved by a competent turbo The 5 Best Ford V8 Engines of All-Time. 6L LLY, LBZ, and LMM Duramax Diesel trucks. Buy in monthly payments with Affirm on orders over $50. I owned a chassis shop for many years. I still feel the power of the turbo. P0101 is not a maf code, but instead it is a mass air fliw outside of the desired range code. Extended Tip Billet Turbo Compressor Wheel for 2004. Pulled the CAC pipe and had good access to everything. Shop. 85. 6L LML engine platform is engineered to increase engine performance while maintaining OEM installation specifications. This engine was initially installed in 2001 Chevrolet and GMC Intercooler Tube Pipe Hot Side for 2001-2010 Chevy GMC Duramax 6. Superchips FlashPaq F5 Tuner 01-16 6. Increased Oil Consumption. Price: $61. Ross Pierce, the owner of this ’08 LMM Duramax, had Empire Diesel install the F-1C LMM 4" intake. The rest of GM electronics tend to hesitate and de-throttle you except when you want to get off the throttle then they hang at 1200 - 2000 RPM. 5 - 2016 Duramax (LLY, LBZ, LMM, and LML) 2004 - 2009 Topkick and Kodiak 4500 - 8500 (6. Over the years these trucks have been really good performers, but they do have some common problems that we see over and over again. Replacement Dry Filter for our 01-10 Twin Kit. 2013 Chevrolet 2500HD with 6. 6L 2001-2016. Not trying to be a smarta$$, but my wife complains about it now that I got an AFE intake and I told her if she didn't like it that she might want to try a set of earplugs. Allison 1000 Rear Output Shaft Nut, LB7 LLY LBZ LMM, 2001-2010 Duramax New Merchant Automotive. Somewhere between a dental drill whine or the highest-high pitch sound you hear when getting a hearing test. How to Know if You Have Bad Duramax Head Gaskets and What To Do About It; LML 6. VIEW. I have a 2008 Duramax and I just got a new 5th Wheel trailer. And along the way the engine has become Cover will be coated the same as Kit unless specified otherwise at checkout. To ensure that you have the LLY engine, please verify that the The LLY/LBZ/LMM 64mm Stage 1 is built from a brand new turbo. 77. Specs: '07 GMC Sierra 2500HD - 6. Picked it up and driving out of the shop noticed this new high pitch whistle during acceleration. 01-10 Twin Kit Replacement Air Filter. Snapped Crankshaft. Pay close attention to how the turbo acts. The Stealth 64 VVT extends The 2011-2016 Duramax suffers from a high pressure fuel pump issue unique to this year range. $166. 5 mm billet wheel and cover Now: $2,799. Click Here to Read MoreAdvertisement This bulletin has been revised to add additional information oninspecting the crankshaft harmonic balancer. The kit includes all the parts you will need except for the T4 S4 frame charger, add a Batmowheel turbo or Garrett to make it 100% complete. 5-2010 GM Duramax LMM. Part# GARRETTVGT. 65. Since1000mi I've noted a high-pitched whine. 6L Duramax LMM had an increase in horsepower and torque. Part # 848212-5001. 85 1 61. Item #: Z. It's rated for 625hp and is a great turbo for daily driving and towing. As Seen in Pictures, Totally Complete. 5 L Detroit Diesel. Our like new Duramax engines come out of expertly and regularly maintained 2015 Duramax “whine” Just crossed 120k miles in our 2015 2500 6. Replace your cracked or leaking turbo coolant return hose with this new OE hose from DHD. Trailer weighs about 12,000 loaded and it is within my towing specs. The center housing has been enhanced with the addition of 3 cobalt pins for better durability Excessive Exhaust Smoke. MSRP: Now: $69. • Compressor wheel damage. 6L - Turbo Inlet Manifold DURAMAX CUMMINS POWERSTROKE. USD 61. The MBRP down pipe provides a smoother flow from the turbo resulting in lower EGT’s and increased performance. The Duramax V8 engine is a family of 6. Most articles on the 2007 GM Pickups say that the LMM Duramax Turbo is a Revised variable-geometry turbocharger is aerodynamically more efficient to help deliver smooth and immediate response and lower emissions. 6L Duramax LMM $554. 6l Duramax 68. #7. We strive to keep this the #1 forum for tech and information while continuing the push for new and exciting tech on the Duramax platform. From the first generation to the one currently in production today, the 6. 6 liter Diesel V8 engines produced by DMAX, a joint venture between General Motors and Isuzu in Moraine, Ohio. 5 - 2012 LMM · 2006 - 2007 LBZ . VGT SOLENOID. com OLIGHT Flashlights 🔦 https://www. P0101 is hardly ever a maf code. 6 LMM Engines come totally complete, Injectors & Turbo included. 757 Posts. 2,031 Posts. Over the years, as emission regulations have gotten stricter, diesel engine manufacturers have had to adapt. AFE MACH Force XP 5" Stainless DPF Back Exhaust 07. The last couple of times I have pulled it over a mountain near my house, my engine or turbo makes a high pitched whining noise. The 6. Easy, tune-only horsepower continues with the LMM Duramax, the version of the 6. Below we will discuss the reasons for it's not like a turbo/BOV whine that is swooshing, it's quite noticeable and almost as loud as the exhaust at idle. Only show this user. 6L GM Duramax / Gas Applications SCI-2845 5. Remanufactured Duramax 2007 - 2010 LMM Duramax TurboCharger - Diesel Experts 888-301-1520 info@dieselexperts. 6L control LBZ LLY LMM low MIL position power reduced SES SCV sensor solenoid turbocharger valve vane VPS - (Aug 7, 2009) Subject: Diesel Engine Turbo DTC P2563 or P003A Models: 2004-2009 Chevrolet Express, Kodiak, Silverado, Silverado Classic 2004-2009 GMC Savana, Sierra, Sierra DDP LLY/LBZ/LMM Stage 2 68mm. Vehicle now has 6k on it. 2009 Silverado CC LB LTZ 4X4 Dually Black on Black LMM Allison 2007. 6L powerplant, the LMM was introduced due to continuously increasing diesel emissions regulations and lasted until 2010 when it was phased out for the LML. LMM Turbo: Iv'e read in a few Diesel articles that the new LMM motor has a different turbo than the previous Duramax motors. Garrett is one of the world's leading pioneers of turbo technology, providing engine boosting systems to everyon Garrett GT3788VA Turbo Exchange c/w Vane Position Sensor Chevy LLY/LBZ/LMM Duramax 2004-2010 (LLY requires sensor adapter) - 848212-9001S When the ECM detects an improper range of motion within the turbo- or supercharger through the on-board computer circuitry, it registers the P003A code and turns on the Check Engine Light on the vehicle’s dashboard. Diamond Eye 5" Aluminized DPF Back Exhaust Kit with Turbo Direct Pipe 07. Expect more airflow for HP gains and lower EGT's, not to mention good looks with any color MSRP: Now: $399. olightstore. This Product Fits These Vehicles: 2006 Chevrolet 2500HD with 6. 5-2010 6. It sounds to be directly associated with RPM's. If it makes noise at idle you should be able to isolate it to a specific component. 2008 Chevrolet 3500 with 6. Unfortunately, all the same roadblocks that Quick Spool-up and excellent drive ability. Now Duramax LLY/LBZ/LMM owners have the ability of connecting the turbo and aftermarket down-pipe back exhaust system by removing the restrictive stock pipe pictured below. - Select Powder Coat S400 Turbo Cover - Standard Single Coat Color - Add $85. These kits are currently made to order. This message is in regard to Duramax turbocharger noises or possibly a performance or a fuel economy complaint. 2006 Chevrolet 3500 with 6. AZ. 07 732. 6L and 7. Excessive turbocharger or whine noise could possibly be caused by a leak in the turbocharger system. Diesel Fuel Injection Repair; Diesel Full Service Repair; Shop Online. com was founded in 2006 and created a site which houses some of the best known Duramax tech you can find. Only does it at high boost. 6 Duramax Tech Articles; Duramax 6. If you are noticing your car using more oil, this could be a sign that your turbo is leaking oil and leaking into the manifold. fits. EGR Valve Failure or Stuck Open. 6L Duramax LMM was a Garrett GT3788VA variable-vane turbocharger that delivered increased airflow to lower exhaust gas temperatures and improve throttle response. Any thoughts? LMM whine Watch on It seems like i notice it when the turbo spools and hits about 10 pounds of boost. 6L LBZ/LMM truck replaces your factory turbo inlet manifold with a higher flowing, less restrictive one. This kit is for the LB7's and LLY's only. Chevy/ GMC Truck and Duramax Turbo Diesel Forum · Chevy/GMC Duramax General · 2011 · 2013+ · 2007. Lasts for about 5-10 seconds. 6L Duramax. . Gas and diesel both suffer from this to some degree. Turbochargers are available as a remanufactured replacement, drop-in upgrades, or single or compound turbo kits that require a 2500HD with 6. An unidentified noise that's driving me nuts! Leave comments if you have any ideas. 95. Best heard in the last half, may need headphones or good speakers to hear it as well. 6L V-8 Turbo provides class-leading output, exclusive durability enhancing features and superior noise and vibration control for GM’s heavy-duty pickups, commercial vans, and medium-duty trucks. 5 Turbo Diesel (Detroit) high pitch whistle/whine. The Xcelerator will increase fuel economy with the side effects of more torque/Horsepower and better throttle response. In terms of LLY injector problems, GM had sorted out the internal failures with the 2004 ½ redesign, but the LLY Duramax would occasionally exhibit a trouble code for the injectors, but in most cases it turned out to be an issue with the injector harness rubbing through and causing a short or open in the wiring. The Duramax block and heads are poured at The Defiance GM Powertrain foundry in Defiance County, Ohio. If you're noticing excessive smoke or high exhaust gas temperatures (EGT's), then you might need a turbocharger upgrade on your engine. Not only does this mean game-over for the engine, but it results in a truck that’s down for weeks (if not months) and a huge chunk of change missing from your wallet. 00 Upgraded Two Coat Color - Add $110. Over the engine’s lifespan it has gone through 6 different engine variations: LB7, LLY, LBZ, LMM, LML, and L5P. This event led to the reopening of ProFab Performance Parts, LLC with the goal of enhancing the performance of the Duramax engine. Just had my 4L80E tranny rebuilt and updated my auxiliary cooling system on a 2002 Chevy Express 3500. 5-06 LLY LBZ 6. 5 silverado CC LB 4x4 Black on black LMM Allison 2007 classic CC LB 4x4 Dmax/Allison LBZ 2006 express 2500 van duramax lly "stock" so far Step 1 Test-drive the truck; this provides the first indication of whether the turbo is on the way out. 5-2010 Chevy / GMC 2500HD / 3500HD LLY / LBZ / LMM. $364. 00 No Thanks. EDGE INSIGHT CS2. This charger fits 2005-2010 Chevrolet/GMC 6. 1. Any tricks or ideas to pin point the issue and assess it ? PPE Economy Xcelerator 01-10 6. The drop-in, stock-appearing Screamer turbo for the 2004. 6-liter LMM Duramax Engine is produced by DMAX, a joint venture between GM and Isuzu in Moraine, Ohio. The Garrett GT3788VA Duramax Turbo Exchange. 99 2050-01-01. After 1800 rpm there is no noise. • Split hoses. 6 Diesel Common Issues and Problems. #22 · Feb 16, 2010. This sensor is a common weak point on the Duramax engines. Also listen to the pitch of the whine. When it fails the engine computer is no longer able to keep track of the position of the variable geometry turbo. 5-2007) Merch! key tags, decals and shirts!👍 https://truckmasterdiesel. Turbocharger This turbocharger fits 2005-2010 Chevrolet/GMC Duramax Diesel light duty trucks. SDP S400 install kit LB7 or LLY. Engine Management Light. 6 Duramax Diesel complete engines. Reviews. Failure of this CP4 pump is usually catastrophic, causing instant contamination of the entire fuel system with metal particulates. FASS TITANIUM SIGNATURE SERIES DIESEL FUEL LIFT PUMP 290GPH GM DURAMAX 6. Features like a luxurious interior make it nice to be inside the truck. In 2007. Other complaints of afaint engine whine-type noise have been reported at speeds of […] Duramax Diesel. To remove the upper coolant tube, feed a flex 17 on 9" of extension under the fuel lines but above another and it's about a straight shot. Tests with the same tune and fuel quantity 6. New Stock Replacement Turbo - GM 6. You will enjoy it's fast spool up and improved torque at low rpm while gaining horsepower One of the first things we suggest when starting to tear down a Duramax pickup for a head gasket job is to remove and test the egr cooler. 6L Duramax, 3500 with 6. As my sound was just like many of the videos. Upgrade, repair, or replace the turbocharger on your 2007. DDP LLY/LBZ/LMM Stage 3 66mm Billet VVT Turbocharger. Application: 6. GM / Chevy / GMC. I checked the tranny fluid and believe it was okay, but will check again. Genuine GM/AC Delco Replacement Parts. My wife, our son, and I are very dedicated to our craft. The DDP 66mm is built from a brand new turbo. Usually though if a cooler is leaking you will SKU: 848212-5002S. Condition: New. Apr 6, 2009 - It appears to have every CEL code known to man or at least known to Dodge. net Monday – Friday 8:30 AM – 7:30 PM EST Search By Manufacture If you take care of your Duramax engine, it will last for many years and miles! Contents [ show] Most Common Problems With 3. 2007. S400 T6 Turbo blanket. 00 Superchips 2845. 5 to 2005. You will enjoy it's fast spool up and improved torque at low rpm while gaining horsepower The Duramax Diesel 6. 6 Duramax Tech Articles; What Exactly Is EFI Live, HP Tuners, UDC, or Other Custom Tuning? Free Rev Show . It may also be accompanied by other OBD-II trouble codes, such as P2563. today. Was: $732. 6L Chevrolet / GMC 2500HD, 3500HD (2011 – 2016) Garrett PowerMax™ turbocharger upgrade for the Chevrolet and GMC 6. It sounds like a fuel pump whine but 10 times louder and it varies with RPM. com tow tune w/turbo brake PPE Dual Fueler (P0087 cure) Kitty on a "warm shelf", K+N Drop-in filter Amsoil in all places, Amsoil BMK-27 Bypass KYB shocks (stock sucked) Autometer Boost/Pyro gauges/Edge CTS EGR blocker and (Kennedy) finger stick Merchant remanufactured transfer case 748,000 Kennedy lift pump, reserve tank with transfer pump With the turbo being such a high frequency, I don't think there is anything that is going to reduce the whine inside the truck short of adding more insulation in the firewall. K KyleC4 Tech Dec 30, 2016 449 31 28 Bay Area Mar 20, 2017 #8 Use a stethoscope. Specifically tuned for 350-700 horsepower applications.

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